01.03.2008 - Добавлено пользователем 
    Hey, its me again guys, and I uploaded another GREAT song by Freedom Call, Rise Up which is, in my opinion their greatest song ever. **This isn't a video**
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    16.03.2009 - Добавлено пользователем 
    One of my favorite Power Metal band. They simply rock this out with this awesome song, one of my all time favorite!
    15.04.2009 - Добавлено пользователем 
    Hi, I haven't seen a video of how to beat Psycho Mantis out there so I made my own. Its pretty easy, but yeah it takes a while Let me give you some tips to avoid ...
    10.09.2006 - Добавлено пользователем 
    Well I Tought I Should Upload This Song Cause Its A Really Good Song And Freedom Call Is An Awesome Band !! **This Isnt a Video**
    26.09.2008 - Добавлено пользователем 
    Metalium's cover for Helloween's song "Ride the Sky"